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Postino: The Eclectic Pub Gathering Place in Central Tucson

At Grant and Tucson Boulevard (2500 E Grant Road), reveling in a interesting architectural design building, sits Postino, the only Tucson establishment of the Phoenix based Upward Projects company. Customers and employees alike agree that “eclectic” is probably the best adjective to describe this gathering place. Do you like young people? Middle-aged? Retirees? Postino gathers and celebrates all ages. Music loud enough to move you, but not enough to interfere with a conversation. Check.

Checking out the people enjoying this wine/beer pub, you will find college age, business professionals, retirees, and every imaginable age, ethnicity, belief system, preference scattered among their seating. The staff here reflects the clientele, college students to mid-career professionals. And seating: A horseshoe shaped, inside and outside bar, patio seating on two sides, with misters on the south side, couch/benches, high top tables, low top tables, booths, even a somewhat hidden little room in the dark. If you’re looking for a sports bar, this isn’t it. Not a tv in the place! People here talk to each other, even if they didn’t come in together. An escape from the incessant news on your phone and every screen in every public place in the world. Postino isn’t quiet, but it is hiply noisy, with music you can actually talk over.

For those bringing their kids or grandkids, Postino has a Kids Eats menu featuring three kid oriented meals.  A Grilled Cheesy with ketchup, chips and apple; The Picnic with an assortment of turkey, provolone, chips grapes and apple; and the Yummy PBJ with chips grapes and apple.  Each of these is $6. Available kids drinks are chocolate milk, lemonade or apple juice. The inside and back of the kid's menu includes some brain activities and some art work. The nature of Postino makes it kid friendly, and they have booster seats available on request.

Looking for brunch on the weekend? Saturday and Sunday 9-1 Brunch Special.  Family or business event coming up? Catering starts at a minimum of $100, specializing in platters that serve 10-12.

Wines considered local are generally from the West Coast, but the international list has examples from the world’s most famous wine countries. There are 27 wines on the menu list for inside consumption, with many more on the bottle list to take with you. As to beers, there are 10 craft beers on tap, and a cider or two. There are none of those brands you see all over TV.

In keeping with Upward Projects mission of staying close to the community they serve, Postino is located centrally to these Tucson neighborhoods:  walking distance to Campbell-Grant, Catalina Vista, Blenman-Elm and Doolen-Fruitvale neighborhoods, and just a short drive from Palo Verde, The Garden District and La Madera neighborhoods.

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