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Food Court Without The Mall: American Eat Co


If you like food courts but don’t care for the hassle of the mall, here’s your spot. American Eat Co on South Fourth Avenue offers a full bar, live entertainment and events, a small arcade and a choice from seven (sometimes varying) food vendors.

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Highest Rated Tucson Ebike Dealer: Pedego Tucson


If you have been thinking about an electric bicycle, here is a great place in Tucson to get a feel for the realities of that desire. Pedego is a national company, with over 200 dealers nationwide, but the local stores are all locally owned franchises, much like your local Chevy or Ford dealer. This means the people you buy from are locals too.

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Horror Flick Food: Serial Grillers


Serial Grillers is a quick service restaurant focused on American Food and Craft beer offerings. Started as a food truck in 2012, and quickly finding success and popularity within Tucson, AZ., Serial Grillers currently operates 4 restaurants in Tucson. Being featured on The Cooking Channel, The Food Network and numerous publications has brought success never previously imagined and credit and thanks are offered to AMAZING customers and the BEST employees.

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Street Tacos and More: Calle Tepa Mexican Street Grill


Have you ever eaten at Tucson’s Guadaljara Grill? If so, you know the quality of their food. Now, picture a pet project of the Mother and Son (Emma and Jordan) responsible for Guadalajara, as they have opened the Calle Tepa Mexican Street Grill. Flavors of Jalisco, Mexico here in the Old Pueblo.

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The New Bashful Bandit: Bashful Bandit Barbecue


Bashful Bandit Barbecue will bring backyard barbecue to midtown Tucson! Smoked meats in the all-wood, open fire tradition of Central Texas Barbecue, combined with the flavors of Arizona. Preserving the historic charter of the original Bashful Bandit building (including the full Bar!), they have added an extensive outdoor patio to bring people together over great barbecue and drink while enjoying watching the pitmasters do what they do best.

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Tucson Jewish Museum and Holocaust Center


The Tucson Jewish Museum and Holocaust Center is located in Barrio Viejo, an historic neighborhood on the southern edge of downtown Tucson. The museum features the first synagogue built in the Arizona Territory (1910, two years before statehood) and a Holocaust History center.

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Thirty Great Years On Campbell: India Oven


India Oven: Cuisine of India has been praised for 30 years for their authentic Northern Indian cuisine being the best in Tucson, AZ. With over 141 menu options, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, you can’t go wrong with ordering from this restaurant, or dining in. Specializing in Northern Indian & Punjabi Cuisine, Enjoy various classics from India, including tandoori, curry, and other special entrées.

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More Than A Hotdog Stand: Portillo’s


Having once been just a hot dog stand in an old trailer, Portillo’s has expanded throughout the mid-west and into the southwest.

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A Unique Tucson Museum: The Tucson Musicians Museum


Being a unique type of museum, the Tucson Musicians Museum offers visitors an opportunity to look through the history of music in the city, and a chance to keep that history moving forward. The museum has been operated as a non-profit in Tucson since 2007.

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Old Style Steakhouse: Daisy Mae’s Steakhouse


A Tucson family favorite old school style steakhouse out on the West Side of town. A Yelp reviewer said the décor is reminiscent of an old west saloon, with dollar bills tacked to the walls.

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A Den for Nocturnal Animals: The Jackrabbit Lounge


Located at the historic South end of Oracle, the Jackrabbit Lounge is a den where nocturnal creatures come out to play. Jackrabbit Lounge is a retro lounge offering crafted cocktails, craft beers, sharable food plates, monthly discos, variety acts and live music.

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Another Local Tucson Cheers: On The Rocks


Here’s another “Cheers” spot on Tucson’s East Side. Plenty of great reviews, including this one. On The Rocks even has a cozy little corner with an electric fireplace for an intimate evening.

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Another New Chapter for Iron John’s: Broadway


From their website, “Good things come to those who wait.” And people have been waiting for quite a while for this one. Iron John’s Brewing merged with Monkey Burger in the Williams Center on Broadway a couple of years ago. Complications from COVID and the typical permitting issues with any bigger city stalled this project several times, but the time has finally come.

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Asian/Cajun Seafood in the Tucson Desert


Can you picture Asian/Cajun Seafood served here in Tucson? Crab and/or Crawfish boils? Oh, how about Alligator Nuggets? And on Broadway just about halfway between Swan and Craycroft. It’s true. It’s true!

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Sports Bar Plus: Trident Grill I


Trident Grill was opened in August of 2001 by Nelson Miller, retired US Navy SEAL. Trident is named after the special warfare insignia that all Navy SEALs wear on their uniforms. He fell in love with the Arizona desert and culture of the Southwest when doing special training ops in Tucson and nearby areas. As retirement approached, he chose to open the first Trident Grill, near the University of Arizona.

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Pickleball is What’s Happening: Corbett’s on Sixth Avenue


Pickleball is the hottest thing going in Tucson, and pretty much everywhere else. Tucson has a new upscale place to play the game, grab some good grub, and have a drink or two. If you have been out in the desert for the last year or so, pickleball is a sport that is sort of a cross between tennis, ping pong and badminton. You can play it as easy or as hard as you want. This is one of those games that seems to cross all generations.

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Legalize Marinara: Oregano’s Pizza Bistro


“Legalize Marinara” is one of Oregano’s Pizza Bistro’s most well known t-shirt gimmicks. Any visit will convince you to support the cause. Oregano’s on Speedway is famous all over town, and further away for their delicious pizzas, pasta offerings and creative desserts.

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Irish Pub on the East Side: Murphys Public House


Here’s an Irish themed Pub available on Tucson’ s east side. Murphys Public House opened in 2016 in a space that has gone through numerous iterations since the mid-1960s, with a pre-opening interior and exterior upgrades.

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Brews and Coffees, Screwbean Brewery


Another near downtown, and U of A, brewery and taproom, with a twist. Screwbean Brewing is also a coffee shop. Offering several of their own brews and some guest taps, for now, plus a nice selection of coffees and teas, and assorted red and white wines. Screwbean also carries pastries from Cafe Francais until they run out daily.

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New Taproom on Toole, Voltron Brewing Company


Maybe an auspicious opening date. Voltron Brewing taproom opened on Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17, 2023. Voltron Brewing taproom fronts the on-site brewing efforts of Borderlands Brewing and Firetruck Brewing. Featuring several beers each from the two Tucson brewers, they also offer revolving brews from other breweries around the state, plus six flavors of seltzer. Current offerings in August 2023 include beers from Dillinger and Dark Sky out of Flagstaff. They do carry canned Coca Cola products in cans.

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