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Tucson’s Curvy Neighborhood – Colonia Solana


Colonia Solana is a uniquely curvy neighborhood in Central Tucson. Surrounded by Reid Park and Randolph Golf Course, close to shopping, banking, and not far from downtown, this is a highly sought after neighborhood. Homes listed in Colonia Solana do not stay on the market for very long.

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Let’s Take a Quick Look at Tucson’s Sam Hughes Neighborhood


Designated as a national historic district in 1994, the Sam Hughes neighborhood is a square-mile, centrally located and bound by Speedway Boulevard, Broadway Boulevard, Campbell Avenue and Country Club Road. According to the Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association the neighborhood is named for the school located in the middle of the original quadrant and the school was named for Sam Hughes.

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Little Havana in Central Tucson? Mojo Cuban Kitchen and Rum Bar


There is a brand new Hispanic themed restaurant and bar in Tucson, and they don’t serve Mexican food. Mojo Cuban Kitchen and Rum Bar just opened near Grant Road and Campbell, and they opened with a roar. Great Cuban foods, vast array of rums, and quality work crew mean this is a spot you reallly want to visit.

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World Wildlife On Display At International Wildlife Museum

The International Wildlife Museum is dedicated to increasing knowledge and appreciation of the diverse wildlife 
of the world as well as explaining the role of wildlife management in conservation. Founded in 1988, the museum
highlights over 400 species of insects, mammals and birds from around the globe. Some of the collections are more
than 100 years old and all the animals found at the museum were donated by various government agencies, wildlife
rehabilitation centers, captive breeding programs, zoos and individuals.

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Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood: A Thousand Years and Counting


The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood dates back more than a millenia, when the Hohokum natives settled and farmed the area using irrigation from the streams which ran year round then. Current populations date from when Fort Lowell was moved from the Armory Park location downtown to it’s eventual location on what is now Craycroft and Fort Lowell. When the Army closed the fort in 1891, Mexican farmers and ranchers moved in, naming the location El Fuerte (The Fort.)


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Therapy Riding on Tucson's East Side: TROT


If you are looking for a therapy program in Tucson for a person (adult or child) with special needs, veterans, first responders and their caregivers, seniors with senior issues, TROT (Therapy Riding of Tucson) may be just what you are looking for. Searching for a volunteer opportunity that benefits all of society? TROT. Looking for a charitable organization to support financially? TROT.


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Explore Our Desert Ecosystem at Colossal Cave Mountain Park


Step into this scenic wilderness and you’ll feel your senses awaken. The endless views to the horizon, the scent of sage and mesquite, the calls of strange birds will all have you in wonder at this beautiful desert landscape. With 2,400 acres to explore there’s a lot to see in Colossal Cave Mountain Park. Hiking, running, mountain biking and horseback riding are popular activities on our trails. Take your pick. There’s no trail use fee or permit required. Need more information? Trail maps are available in the Cave Shop.

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Real Western History At Fort Lowell Park


The Fort Lowell Museum offers unique exhibits and hands-on activities for adults, families, and children...and it's pet-friendly too! Located in a 1880s reproduction adobe officers quarters, visitors can explore Army life during the Apache wars and try their hand at crafts such as soap and candle making. The museum is a great place to begin a walking tour of Fort Lowell public park that includes Hohokam Indian sites, a historic neighborhood, picnic facilities, and a playground.

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Visit the Arizona History Museum


 The Arizona History Museum's focus is southern Arizona history from Spanish colonial through territorial eras. Exhibit topics include mining and transportation. The Arizona's Treasures exhibit features Geronimo's rifle, 18th-century Spanish silver artifacts, and hands-on exhibits for children. The Arizona History Museum is located near the center of the Tucson Metro area. The museum houses the stories and artifacts of Arizona personalities such as Geronimo and Wyatt Earp, as well as Emperor Maximilian and Empress Carlota of Mexico. Family-oriented exhibits include a mining tunnel and a hands-on re-creation of 1870s’ Tucson. The museum hosts special lectures and annual events. Home to the Arizona Historical Society library, archives, and artifact collections, it is a destination for researchers of Arizona History.

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Great Craft Beer Right Downtown At Iron John’s Brewing Taproom


This is a beautiful, quaint taproom in the center of historic downtown Tucson with a gorgeous original mural from Kirkendall Shoe that brings warm history and a cozy ambiance. It's a perfect place to have an intimate gathering with friends, meet fellow beer lovers, and enjoy live music that fills the room with energy and connection.


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Real American Automobile History Here in Tucson Franklin Auto Museum


For more than 40 years, the home of the late collector Tom Hubbard has been the center of Franklin Automobile history. Featuring more than 25 antique and classic Franklin automobiles, as well as a collection of prehistoric artifacts collected by archaeologist Alice Carpenter, the museum is located in a quiet subdivision in the center of Tucson. Open from mid-October to mid-May, Wednesday through Saturday; 10A to 4P. Group of 9 or more are cordially requested to call ahead. The Franklin Auto Museum’s phone number is 520-326-8038. Regular admission is $12 and senior (62+) admission is $10 per person.

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Local Culture Influenced Hand Crafted Beers, Delivered On A Skateboard


Crooked Tooth Brewery is a soon to be 6 year old enterprise located on 6th Street in Tucson, just off the famous 4th Avenue area. Founded by a family with a deep interest in skateboarding, flights of beers are actually served on a skateboard. Part of the hip ambiance is being located in a former auto garage, but it has been upgraded to make it cozy and friendly. Speaking of friendly, with an outside patio serving area, Crooked Tooth is both kid and dog friendly.

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Throw a Bean Bag? Heck, Throw a Hatchet


Hockey came here from Canada, and became very popular. Well, so has hatchet/axe throwing. 25,000 people here in Tucson alone have tried the sport at St. Hubert’s Hatchet House. Why don’t you try it too?

What’s involved? With some expert coaching from staff, clients will learn to throw a roughly 1.5 pound hatchet 15 feet at a target board of fresh pine. After a period of coaching and practice, you get to compete against your friends for bragging rights. As to what to wear, the only hard and fast rule is closed toed shoes and no high heels, but loose fitting upper wear and denims are strongly recommended.

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Great Craft Beer Plus Indoor Soccer and Cornhole? Iron John’s Brewing Company


Starting out on Plumer Avenue in 2014, in a tiny little two unit “storage unit” looking store front, this enterprise has really spread its wings. Long story short, Iron John’s Brewing Company moved into an old warehouse building housing a skate park at one end and an Indoor Soccer facility at the other. They now have spread out to include a whole new brewery, purposely crafting small batch brews, and will soon add a new taproom area, and a full service restaurant, including an Italian Pizza Oven. The current taproom will become overflow. And we aren’t going to mention their taproom downtown on Congress Avenue, nor their merger with Monkey Burger, which will soon result in a whole new taproom with an excellent food menu to boot. We’ll save them for a later blog. This is an enterprise with a great local outlook and a serious growth plan.


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Do You Know What a Trattoria is? Let’s Find Out at Locale


Let’s Skip to the point: trattoria is an Italian word for restaurant. But when you are looking for a friendly place with lots of options, you really might want to check out Locale Neighborhood Restaurant on Alvernon off Broadway in Tucson. Breakfast? Check. Lunch? Check. Dinner? Until 9PM, check.

Breakfast is available from the Bakery 8 AM to 3 PM Wednesday through Sunday. Think cappucino and brioche. Main menu is available Tuesday through Sunday, 11:30 AM through 9 PM.

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Do You Enjoy Tongue in Cheek Theater? Gotta go to Gaslight


Picture it. 1974. A 24 year old U of A student gathers some buddies and heads all the way up to Skagway, Alaska to found the Mighty Moose Melodrama Theater (no kidding.) This name alone probably already has you snickering. One summer of that had them ready to return to the desert where they were able to open the first version of Gaslight Theater in an old red barn at Trail Dust Town. By 1980 they had outgrown Trail Dust Town, and moved to a new facility they built at Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde. Ten more years and they were able to buy the old Jerry Lewis Theater at Broadway and Kolb, and they were off and running. Once again going hands on, they rebuilt the theater and built Little Anthony’s Diner from the ground up.

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Fish, Fly or Picnic with Chris Columbus


Want to go fishing? Fly your RC airplane? Float your model boat? Or just have a picnic and watch a Little League ballgame? Swing by Christopher Columbus Park/Silverbell Lake and fulfill your wishes in one place in West Tucson.

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Asian/Cajun Seafood in the Tucson Desert


Can you picture Asian/Cajun Seafood served here in Tucson? Crab and/or Crawfish boils? Oh, how about Alligator Nuggets? And on Grant just a bit west of Midtown? It’s true. It’s true!

Founded by former NFL player Ron Lou, with the first restaurant in Mesa, AZ, the Angry Crab Shack chain has spread around the state, and is now moving nationwide.


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An Amazing Air and Space Collection in Tucson

Originally established in May 1976, the Pima Air and Space Museum features over 400 aircraft, from a Wright Flyer to a 787 Dreamliner. All of these aircraft are displayed either outdoors or in large indoor hangars. Pima Air and Space Museum is the largest non-government funded aviation museum in the country. Pima Air and Space Museum is also home to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame Museum and will be home to the new Tucson Military Vehicle Museum upon its completion.

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Postino: The Eclectic Pub Gathering Place in Central Tucson


At Grant and Tucson Boulevard (2500 E Grant Road), reveling in an interesting architectural design building, sits Postino, the only Tucson establishment of the Phoenix based Upward Projects company. Customers and employees alike agree that “eclectic” is probably the best adjective to describe this gathering place. Do you like young people? Middle-aged? Retirees? Postino gathers and celebrates all ages. Music loud enough to move you, but not enough to interfere with a conversation. Check.n a interesting architectural design building, sits Postino, the only Tucson establishment of the Phoenix based Upward Projects company.

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