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Do You Know What a Trattoria is? Let’s Find Out at Locale

Let’s Skip to the point: trattoria is an Italian word for restaurant. But when you are looking for a friendly place with lots of options, you really might want to check out Locale Neighborhood Restaurant on Alvernon off Broadway in Tucson. Breakfast? Check. Lunch? Check. Dinner? Until 9PM, check.

Breakfast is available from the Bakery 8 AM to 3 PM Wednesday through Sunday. Think cappucino and brioche. Main menu is available Tuesday through Sunday, 11:30 AM through 9 PM.

Located at 60 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711, Locale is situated in what was once a rather expansive family home. Besides the bakery area, there are multiple rooms available, where patrons can enjoy a bit of privacy, or one of two large rooms where you can be more expansive. Now add in the two separate patio areas, one including a bocce court, and you have a picture of Locale’s spatial offerings.

Go to their website ( ) and check out the extensive menu. Foods with distinct Italian roots, but imbued with local Sonoran Desert ingredients. And with a bit of flair from the kitchen staff. You can make reservations on the website, or you can call them at 520-398-7553.

Locale is famous for a 7 layer lasagna, but people who work at other restaurants in Tucson really recommend their small pizza. Never disrespect the experts. Want something to drink? Wine varieties to boggle the mind, some beers in bottles, and some liquor refreshments as well.

Situated in Central Tucson, Locale is really close to many Tucson neighborhoods (perhaps hence the name?). Walking distance from El Conquistador, Peter Howell, Poets Square and Lincoln Green, Locale is also a short drive from San Clemente, Colonia Allegre, Linden Park and Sierra Estates.

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