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Throw a Bean Bag? Heck, Throw a Hatchet

Hockey came here from Canada, and became very popular. Well, so has hatchet/axe throwing. 25,000 people here in Tucson alone have tried the sport at St. Hubert’s Hatchet House. Why don’t you try it too?

What’s involved? With some expert coaching from staff, clients will learn to throw a roughly 1.5 pound hatchet 15 feet at a target board of fresh pine. After a period of coaching and practice, you get to compete against your friends for bragging rights. As to what to wear, the only hard and fast rule is closed toed shoes and no high heels, but loose fitting upper wear and denims are strongly recommended.

St. Hubert’s offers a few activities while you are waiting for your chance to throw hatchets. DIYers will love the nail driving stump, a chance to show off their skills.

While St. Hubert’s does offer some refreshments for sale, they also maintain a BYOB policy. Clients are welcome to bring their own food and drinks, to include (after 4PM, per state law) beer, ciders or seltzers. Only two per adult are allowed, and no wine, liquor or drinks higher than 9% ABV. You’ll need to bring your own plates, napkins, flatware, etc., as well.

Please contact St. Hubert’s, online or by phone, if you want to throw hatchets in the short term, without a reservation. Allow at least an hour before you want to arrive.

To schedule a reservation, use the website, or call St. Hubert’s at 520-349-8434.

St. Hubert’s Hatchet House is located at 908 W. Prince Road in Tucson.



You can check the website, but the short story of who is St. Hubert? Saint Hubertus is the European Patron Saint of outdoorsmen (hunters, loggers and metalworkers.) Having a vision of a great stag while hunting on Good Friday, with a glowing cross between his antlers, Hubertus’ conversion to christianity led to his appointment as bishop, and he subsequently converted most of the people of the Ardennes forests. forest land in southeast Belgium, where he converted the pagan populous to Christianity.

St. Hubert’s Hatchet House is conveniently located near the Vista Del Norte, Pullman, Fairhaven, Amphi, Cottonwood Manor, Peach Valley and Roger Park neighborhoods.

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