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Bucket List Glider Flights: Soaring Flights

This is one of those bucket list kind of blogs. How does a bird’s eye view of much of southern Arizona sound? Soaring Flight’s experienced pilot will take you or your friend high above the earth in their sleek self-launching glider, starting and ending at Tucson International Airport. You will have an exciting soaring adventure, better than you ever imagined.


You will enjoy a smooth, peaceful, beautiful flight with spectacular views of the Catalina, Rincon, and Santa Rita mountains, Saguaro National Parks along with the Davis-Monthan AFB aircraft "bone yard", Native American sacred mountains and often spot elusive wild horses.

The motorized glider is equipped with dual controlled joy-sticks. Under the direction of the pilot you or your friend may actually do part of the flying if you or they wish. Almost everyone does take the stick even if only for a short time.

Surprise your spouse, sweetheart, family and friends with a unique gift. Or splurge a little on yourself for a once in a lifetime experience. Soaring Flight offers three options. Their Fun Flight Glider ride costs $169. This option offers 30 to 35 minutes of glider flight time.


The Soaring Seagull lesson package costs $279. This lesson includes a series of take-offs, flights and landings, complete with logbook and conversational ground instruction. The whole experience is just over 20 minutes of ground training and 60 minutes of glider flight time. Great for someone who has indicated an interest in learning how to fly. This experience really gives the recipient a feel for what learning to soar is all about and is $279 per person.

Tour of Tucson Package for Adventurers is perfect for those who want to experience Southern Arizona from a unique perspective from a self-launching glider. You will soar around the Tucson area with unbeatable views. You will perform thermal soaring or "surf the ridges" based on weather conditions. It comes complete with ground instruction and logbook entry. The whole experience is just over 15 minutes of ground training and 120 minutes of glider flight time and really gives the recipient a feel for what soaring over the desert and surrounding 9,000 foot mountains is all about. It is $329 per person.

Check out their website at: http://www.soaringflight.com/. If you have questions, or to reserve a flight, call Soaring Flights at 520-222-6084. Their address is 7081 S. Plumer Ave., Tucson, AZ 85756. Don't trust your GPS on this one, though. Call for directions. Bring along your sun glasses, a hat with a brim, and your camera for this adventure. You can even get a picture taken by the pilot of you, at the controls. Think about it.

Take offs and landings are from Tucson International Airport, which would put you close to Drexel Heights, Drexel Alvernon, Summit and Littletown neighborhoods, as well as the San Xavier del Bac mission and Desert Diamond Casino.

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